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“Couldn’t have been more helpful, efficient and effective… Your backup at every stage made the roller coaster ride of buying an enjoyable one.”
Annette – Author

Why should I use a property search company when estate agents are free?
Estate agents represent the seller or landlord as they’re the ones who pay the estate agent’s fees. Estate agents therefore always act in the best interest of the seller/landlord, not you.

We are an independent search company, we work solely for you, the buyer or tenant. We are here to provide objective, independent advice about all areas and properties, and to find you the right property and to negotiate the lowest possible price for you.

Don’t you step on estate agents’ toes?
No. Estate agents get paid by the seller or landlord and we get paid by you, the buyer or tenant. Estate agents appreciate that we act for serious clients and that we bring efficiency to the process, so they happily work with us on the other side of the table.

Who are your clients?
We have no stereotypical client. We work for all buyers and tenants, regardless of their budget or search requirements. Click here to see what previous clients have to say about out work.

Why should I pay you to search the market when I could do it myself?
We can search the market more thoroughly than you can on your own. We know about properties which aren’t on the market, and in some cases, we’re given one-off viewings of properties that aren’t even officially for sale or rent. This means you have a much better pool of properties to choose from than you would if searching alone. Once we find the right property, we can also give you much more clout during the negotiations and tend to be more successful at holding a transaction together than you will be.

Can you get me access to properties that I couldn’t on my own?
Yes. 30% of our clients buy or rent properties that were never on the open market.

How do I know that the properties you show me will be what I’m looking for?
We preview all properties before we show you, ensuring that you only view properties which match your criteria.

How can you save me money?
Bidding on a property is two-fold. Firstly, you need to know what the property is worth and we do – we know the market inside out and we have access to industry-only data so we can bolster any offer you make with up to date market comparables. The second part of effectively negotiating on a property is through knowledge of the seller’s situation and also how the selling/letting agent works behind the scenes. This insight is extremely valuable in using the most effective negotiation approach.

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