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Metro - 13 September 2013

Open House London

By Jo Eccles

As part of my job I see around 400 different properties per year, ranging from tiny studio apartments to spectacular family houses or extravagant bachelor pads – and everything in between. I can get excited about an immaculate home or a complete shell and, the variety of different buildings in London is just one of the reasons why being a property search agent really is my dream job.

So, if you don’t work in property but love looking at other people’s houses, then clear your diary next weekend as it’s Open Houses London on the 21st and 22nd September. Dubbed ‘the capital’s greatest architectural showcase,’ the weekend will see over 800 buildings opening their doors to the public for free. The weekend showcases not only individual private houses, but a whole array of other buildings, ranging from cemeteries, military buildings, embassies, hotels, art studios and livery halls – to name a few.

Each location is available on a first come basis, so do expect to queue at the most popular venues. One of which is Battersea Power Station’s turbine hall, which is open for the first and last time before the 38 acre site is redeveloped into a hub of more than 3,500 homes, as well as shops, restaurants and a theatre.

There are also four high profile buildings where admission is via ballots: 10 Downing Street, The View from The Shard, The London Eye, and Gray’s Inn. Ballots need to be entered by the 13th September, and I would personally love to view Downing Street so I’ll definitely be entering.